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is designed for those with little or no knowledge of HTML. You'll be amazed just how easy it is to decorate your website using my simple copy and paste codes.

Website design doesn't have to be hard. If you follow my easy step-by-step instructions you'll have the website of your dreams in no time. Now let those creative juices flow.

What Makes A Good Website?

It's easy to make a cheesy website. It's also easy to make a very nice, clean, professional-looking website - even if you don't have much experience in web design.

What may have started as a great website with a few moving parts can soon become a site filled with flashing graphics, sounds, bright colors, and other elements that are enough to be overwhelming and simply ... well, annoying!

Though everyone probably has their own list of things that they just can't stand from websites, this covers the most annoying ones that are agreed upon by the largest number of people.

  • A website that loads slowly is just about the most annoying thing on the Internet. Don't use large graphics or anything else that dramatically increases your site's load time.

  • The important thing to remember is there is a major difference between catching someone's attention and blinding them. Remember, visitors come to your site for information - not to look at annoying animated gifs. Banners flashing, graphics twirling, words scrolling, with a string of fireworks chasing your mouse pointer ... it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Try to avoid using a lot of animated gifs, limiting your site to only a couple of moving or flashing objects per page.

  • So here I am surfing the web listening to my favorite CD - I click on a website and suddenly blaring music blasts me out on entering a page - drowning out my music. Not only am I forced to listen to the music - the page takes forever to load. I prefer not to have music running in the background on a web page. You don't know what volume level the user's speakers are on. And what if this person is at work? I always prefer to give the user a choice by using a functional music player - giving the user a choice of listening to music - or not.

  • It goes without saying that animated gifs should never be used as backgrounds. Animated backgrounds distract your eye from the text. You won't believe how many web pages there are on the Internet that look so bad, that you have no other choice left except clicking the "Close" button on your web browser.

It is not a matter of good taste and bad taste. In reality, it is simply about being polite to your visitors, and making sure that they are as comfortable as possible while they are navigating your site.

The World Of Coding Awaits You!

Inside you'll find many easy copy and paste codes that will enable you to enhance your visitors' experience tremendously.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find this site helpful. If you have any questions or specific problems you need assistance with, please drop me a line. I love to help!

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Carol's Easy HTML

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